WWA Advisors | Apparel Technology Consulting
WWA is a management consulting firm focused on empowering apparel, footwear, and retail executives with the strategies, processes, and technologies that create tangible business value and sustainable competitive advantage. Our team?s deep industry expertise and our best practice knowledgebase, from hundreds of successful projects around the globe, make WWA unique among consulting agencies. Our experts in the apparel, footwear, and interiors markets offer valuable domain expertise from product development, to supply chain, to retailing.
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About us

Leaders in Apparel, Footwear & Retail Consulting

WWA Advisors’ industry experience is a tremendous advantage, enabling us to quickly understand a client’s culture, identify business issues and opportunities and to develop processes and solutions that are workable for the business. Our expertise enables our team to efficiently evaluate and develop processes from initial trend and design development through the QA approval to production. Due to our experience in apparel, footwear, retail, and interiors, clients never have to train us on the processes, and we only need a short discovery period to learn what makes the particular client unique. We won’t take a job unless we know we can rapidly add value and have fun at the same time.   While most companies recognize the need to improve their front-end, because of staff reductions, reorganizations, and other issues, many companies have limited resources for special projects that address this area. WWA can provide much needed outside expertise and cross-industry perspective to augment a company’s in-house talent.

I have known WWA since the company’s inception. I have used WWA on projects ranging from ERP to process analysis and found them to be the best in the industry. WWA delivers more value in less time than any consulting organization I know . - VarPro Advanced Manufacturing

Global Apparel, Footwear & Retail Presence

WWA Advisors has global reach. Take a look at our project gallery for more details. WWA currently serves the key US, European, Central and South American, African, and Asian markets.

WWA sends in professional personnel that understand apparel industry processes and PLM technology. Because of their talent and unique approach they quickly become part of the team during implementation of new systems. - Jockey International

Apparel, Footwear & Retail Focus

WWA is a consulting organization focused on helping Apparel, Footwear, Retail and Interiors clients to streamline their front-end processes and maximize their potential. WWA is uniquely positioned to help clients navigate through the front-end maze, from Design Concept to Production, by identifying obstacles and bottlenecks and streamlining operations. Our industry experts provide much-needed process and technology application expertise in this highly specialized area.

Bureau Veritas has used WWA for strategic positioning projects and Executive Search. WWA has an incredible amount of supply chain talent and this is blended with just being nice people to work with. -Bureau Veritas

We’re proud of

  • The largest pool of senior level industry expertise in the softgoods industry
  • A team selected based on the client’s requirements with direct industry experience and expertise
  • Our projects are phased, you pay as the benefits are realized
  • Our internal clients are at senior levels of an organization so we realize that long reports are irrelevant; WWA’s deliverable is a bullet driven PowerPoint that covers WWA’s Observations, Recommendations and an Action Plan
  • Our belief is that each engagement can provide exceptional professional services and still be fun.  We will not accept any assignment that doesn’t include this element
  • An iunparalleled history in technology development, evaluation and implementation (CAD/CAM, PDM/PLM)
  • First-hand experience in over 50 countries